My Blog Story

I am a wife, mother, small business owner, and Christian. Life gets very busy taking care of my wonderful hubby, four small children, working from home, and being very involved in church ministry. My husband and I come from two completely different backgrounds. Jared is from a family of only boys who all enjoy sports (especially the Green and Gold), politics and other "guy" stuff. I came from a family of all girls who enjoy musicals, decorating, etc. Early in our marriage food became a middle ground for us as a couple. Cooking and creating meals together has really fostered a special bond between us. If we can't agree on a show or movie to watch there's always the Cooking channel or Food Network.

When we first got married, I began writing up weekly menus (got the idea from one of my sisters) to help manage grocery shopping and to keep dinners running on time. When I was expecting our first child I got out of the habit of writing menus because life was busy, but with the addition of baby #2 and expecting baby #3 I decided that I really needed to start writing menus again to keep life from getting too chaotic.

One day I happened to make a comment on Facebook about needing to finish my menu for the next week. A good friend told me that I should start sharing my menus so that other people could benefit from my ideas. Sometimes you just need some fresh ideas for dinner because all your old ones seem stale and over-used. After a few weeks of posting my menus on Facebook another friend mentioned that I should start a blog for all my menus and favorite recipes and that is how Menu Ideas for Busy Moms got started. Granted, this blog is not just for busy moms, it's for busy cooks of any kind who need some fresh ideas for preparing meals at home. I truly hope that this blog will be a blessing to you and your family. Be sure to let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

Here are some things that will help you while viewing/using the info I post:
  • The menus that I create and post are generally 5-6 day menus as our family does leftovers or dinner "out" 1-2 nights a week.
  • I don't specify which day of the week each meal will be on because I usually end up switching things around based on how I'm doing on time, or even on what I feel like preparing/eating.
  • Most of the recipes that I post are not created by me but are recipes that I have tried and find delicious.
  • If you are looking for a specific recipe, try the "Search This Blog" tool.
  • If you try a recipe that I post, please comment on the post and let me know what you think of the recipe or if you made any changes.