Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall & Winter Baking

As fall fast approaches, I get the itch to do more and more baking, which isn't always a good thing when you're trying to get into shape. A few of my favorite things to bake are quick bread and muffins, i.e. pumpkin, zucchini, banana, etc.

Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Pumpkin Bread / Muffins - this is a new recipe for me. I happened upon it because I lost my pumpkin recipe and I have to say that I'm glad I did as this recipe is much tastier than mine was.
  • Zucchini Bread / Muffins - This is a pretty standard zucchini bread recipe, but if you take a look at the comments my sister has added instructions on how to make this a gluten-free and almost sugar-free. I have also just added a variation to this recipe.
  • Banana Bread / Muffins - You can add nuts, chocolate chips, or even raisins to this yummy recipe.
  • Blueberry Banana Bread / Muffins - This is my hubby's absolute FAVORITE quick bread recipe. I try to freeze up bananas and blueberries (while they're in season) so that I can still make this bread during the winter months.
  • Gluten Free Banana Blueberry Muffins - As close as I've been able to come to the taste of my regular banana muffins in GF form.
  • Seminary Muffins - This is a very healthy and yet tasty banana oat bread. I substitute raisins for the chocolate chips as it makes them a bit less messy for the kids.
  • Southern Sweet Potato Bread - I had some leftover sweet potatoes (which are REALLY good for you) and wanted to try making some bread. I plan to make it this afternoon and, after looking at recipes, assume it will be similar to pumpkin bread in taste and texture.
  • Harvest Apple Muffins - Mmmm...with a somewhat crispy outer crust and then a moist, chewy interior, these fall inspired muffins are sure to please. The combination of apple, carrot, oats, bananas, and, if you choose, raisins makes for a healthy yet delicious blend.

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