Friday, June 1, 2012

Menu: June 4-10

Correction, next week is Vacation Bible School at our church! Glad I got it wrong. Jared and I will be catering our first Graduation party this weekend and I have a bridesmaid dress going out so it's going to be busy!
  • Beef and bean burritos (or tacos) and Mexican rice - my kiddos are very much like Jared in that they scarf down anything Tex-Mex
    • Chicken and veggie alfredo (yes, it is a pre-packaged freezer meal that I got for $4 thanks to coupons) and French bread
    • Chili dogs, fruit salad, and side salad
    • Chili-Maple glazed dump chicken (I'll be grilling this), grilled potatoes (potato slices+minced garlic+chopped onion+salt+pepper+parsley+olive oil/butter layered in an aluminum foil packet), and mixed veggies.
    • Freezer Ham Sammies (Pinterest), mixed veggies, and fresh pineapple

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    1. We LOVE the Freezer Ham Sammies - I make them with thinly sliced baby swiss, and put cheese under the ham as well as on top :) Yum!