Thursday, December 12, 2013

Menu 2013: December 2-January 5

It has been incredibly busy the last few weeks, which is why I am posting so late. Jared and I had the wonderful privilege of organizing our church's annual Christmas banquet so that took precedence over blogging for a bit. I did try to post weekly menus on my Facebook page for those of you who also follow me there. Here is a recap of the past couple of weeks and also a start to my list of the rest of this month's menus.

December 2-8
  • Crockpot venison roast, sweet potatoes, green beans, and dinner rolls
  • Sausage and bean soup with dinner rolls
  • Chili dogs, fries, and carrot sticks
  • Grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches
  • Pizza
December 9-15
  • Venison Stew
  • Tacos (well, Taco Bell anyway)
  • Our Christmas banquet menu (with recipes) will be posted soon, but this is what we prepared - apple cranberry stuffed pork loin with a cranapple balsamic glaze, pepper crusted roast beef, baby gold potatoes, garlic almond green beans, and dinner rolls. An assortment of salads, relish/veggie trays, stuffings, and desserts was also provided by our church ladies and gents.
  • Date night - one family at church gave us a gift certificate for dinner and another offered to watch our kids (and then they even did most of my dishes)
  • Leftovers
December 16-22
  • Chicken and stuffing bake
  • Pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, and green beans
  • Potato soup
  • Chili and cornbread
  • Crockpot meatball subs, side salad, and veggie tray
December 23-29 (Merry Christmas)
  • Pumpkin pie pancakes and fresh fruit
  • Tater tot casserole
  • Ham, potatoes, veggies, and rolls
  • Subs
  • Pizza
December 30-January 5 (Happy New Year)
  • Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn, and fresh bread
  • Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes
  • Roast beef, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies
  • Spaghetti, green beans, and French bread
  • Turkey BLT paninis and side salads

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