Sunday, July 6, 2014

Menu 2014: June 30-August 3 (Freezer Week)

I am so behind on things lately. Sigh. But at least we're still on summer break so we don't have to do school. :) VBS is this month and I know that week will be really busy so I'm already planning on a freezer week (see details below). Here's what I've got in mind this month (printable menu here):

June 30-July 6 - We were on vacation most of the week but I did cook a couple of meals.
  • chicken enchiladas with a creamy green chili sauce
  • pesto chicken lasagna roll-ups with green beans and French bread
  • leftovers (we had to clean the fridge out before leaving)
July 7-13
July 14-20
July 21-27 (Freezer Meal Week)
July 28-August 3

Since I will be doing a week of freezer meals the week of VBS, I decided to challenge you all to attempt a freezer meal week as well. Here are your instructions:
  1. Pick one week in July (preferably one that you know is going to be busier than usual).
  2. Write up a menu for that week using only dishes that can be made up ahead of time, frozen, and then cooked later.
  3. Actually follow through on it.
Your turn: What is your freezer-week menu?

If you need some ideas for freezer meal, check on Pinterest, take a look at my freezer menu from last year, check out, or the Pioneer Woman

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