Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Gift Idea: Hot or Cold, Not Lukewarm

Best travel mug EVER!
Update - this deal is no longer available, however, these are great mugs and worth they're normal $20 price tag.

I had hoped to post this deal for you a couple of weeks but just didn't have time and the sale ended. I'm sure you can relate. :) I was super excited to see that this sale was back for a limited time so I am determined to share it this time around.
Last Christmas my dear hubby bought me a travel mug from Starbucks. Most wives would not have been terribly impressed by it especially since he spent $20 on it (he forgot to take the price tag off). I'll admit I wasn't as excited about the mug at first, partially because I was really excited about the coffee sampler that he gave me along with the mug. However, the first time I used it I was blown away by it's awesomeness (if that's a real word). It keeps my coffee HOT for hours. Not just hot, but "just out of the coffee pot" hot. We travel with my hubby once in while when he travels for work. It's only a couple of hours away but my coffee has only cooled a few degrees by the time we reach our destination. There are also days when I know that I will be up and moving from the time I get out of bed until supper so I go ahead and pop my coffee into my travel mug and just enjoy my hot coffee for hours. We also use it for hot chocolate when we take the kids to see the Christmas lights in their jammies at Christmas. We love these mugs so much that we've gotten two more for ourselves and we've purchased a bunch for gifts this year.

If you enjoy hot or even cold coffee as much as I do and dislike lukewarm coffee as much as my hubby and my good friend, then this deal is for you. Starbucks has several of their Dot collection stainless steel travel mugs on sale for $11.97 for a limited time. Plus, when you shop with ebates you can get 3.5% cash back. There is also a coupon for 10% off your first order (AFF10) or 5% off for existing customers (AFF5). These mugs may cost more than you'd normally spend on a travel mug but they are worth it! They also have several of their cold drink tumblers on sale as well, I just haven't tried them yet to see how well they keep iced coffee cold in the heat of summer. Check out both types here.

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