Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kidercise (Exercising with your Munchkins)

Finding time to exercise as a mom of 3 under 3, seamstress, insurance agent, and wife can be tough. Getting your kiddos to take their naps and go to bed at night can also be difficult. Trying to get time outdoors with 3 little ones can be difficult when a) they have colds, b)the temps are 20 degrees or below, or c)there is over a foot of snow on the ground. With this in mind, I have started doing 15-30 minutes of "kidercise" a day. I try to plan it either an hour before or an hour after lunch.
Kidercise: the use of your kid(s) as weight and/or exercising alongside your child(ren)

Here are a few "kidercises" that I/we do:
  1. walk/jog around the house (going in and out of different rooms, around or under stationary objects i.e. tables, sometimes we do this by playing follow the leader)
  2. lifting the kiddos instead of weights (arms, legs, etc.)
  3. stretching alongside the munchkins (mine just love reaching toward the ceiling or floor, and touching toes while sitting on the floor)
  4. leg lifts (we all lay on the floor and do them, my two preschools have fun saying "up" and "down" and my baby thinks that it is funny to watch)

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