Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 9 Vacation Menu (June 14-20)

Vacation menus can be a bit stressful depending on your accommodations, what activities you plan to participate in, etc. You don't want to overspend on food because you want to use the majority of your money to see all the sights, etc. So here is how we're going to handle the food situation while on vacation:
  • I've planned ahead and booked a hotel that serves a deluxe continental breakfast free of charge, so this will cover breakfasts. I also made sure to get a suite that has a microwave and a small refrigerator.  If you happen to be staying somewhere that doesn't have a continental breakfast, be sure to pack muffins, cereal, etc. Also, if you own an electric griddle, you can bring along pancake mix and eggs to save money on breakfast.

  • For lunches we will be packing sandwich fixings (pb&j, deli meat & cheese, etc.), fruit, and some snacks (homemade cookies, chips from Sam's Club, etc.). We've got an over-sized, insulated lunchbox for packing lunches while we are out and about seeing the sights.

  • As for suppers, we are budgeting $40/day for suppers and I'm already searching out kid-friendly, inexpensive restaurants on the Internet around the different attractions that we will be visiting.
I have also stocked up on frozen pizza so that we'll have a couple of suppers available when we get home from vacation. Just in case I'm not up for cooking right away when we get home:)

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