Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Anniversary Present

The hubby and I have been talking about getting a really nice Cuisinart Food Processor for quite awhile. We kept watching and waiting for them to go on sale and then decided that we'd wait until Christmas to get one for ourselves. One of my hubby's co-workers will give him these flyers for estate sales that his parents run. A few weeks ago, the hubby was reading one of these flyers and saw that there was a 14-cup Cuisinart Food Processor for $50. He talked to his co-worker about it and said that if it was in good shape we'd take it. We figured that it would be a good anniversary gift for ourselves as we would both use it.

Almost week after our anniversary the hubby brought the new food processor home. It was love at first sight for me. The food processor had barely been used even thought it probably over 5 years old! I got to use it the other night when grating carrots and apples for my Harvest Apple Muffins. I loved it even more after using it. As many of you may know, I absolutely love my KitchenAid mixer and I have to say I think I love the new food processor just as much! My hubby sure picks the best gifts, he's such a wonderful guy. :o)

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