Sunday, May 4, 2014

Menu 2014: April 28-June 1

Oh, wow! Time has just flown yet again. I hardly know if I'm coming or going most days, which explains (but does not excuse) my delay in posting the May menu. I am hoping that the weather here gets nice enough to eat out on the deck sooner than later. Since it is now wedding season and I am busy with alterations, I'm really trying to keep things simple this month with a menu plan of: crockpot, grilling, salad, spicy, and misc. Here's a printable list if you're interested.

Week 1: April 28-May 4
  • Turkey vegetable stew
  • Ham and swiss flatbread sandwiches with potato wedges
  • Leftovers
  • Pizza
  • Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts
Week 2: May 5-11 - Cinco de Mayo and Happy Mother's Day!
  • Quesadillas with black beans and rice (if you're looking for some GF tortilla recipes, here are a couple that I have found - soft gluten free tortillas and coconut flour tortillas)
  • Chef Salad
  • Smoked sausage one pouch wonders over brown rice
  • Buffalo chicken wings, fries, veggie tray, and a side salad
  • Chili and cornbread
  • Grilled pepper-crusted steak, roasted root vegetables, asparagus, and rolls
Week 3: May 12-18
  • Miss E's Birthday Meal - still to be decided
  • Nachos
  • Chicken BLT salad
  • Crockpot Tex-Mex rice bowl
  • Brats, grilled veggies, grilled potatoes
Week 4: May 19-25
Week 5: May 26-June 1 - Memorial Day
  • Bacon cheese burgers, green beans
  • BLTA wraps and veggie tray
  • Southwest chicken salad
  • Dahi chicken over dal and rice
  • Crockpot spaghetti and meatballs, steamed broccoli, salad, and garlic bread

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