Friday, May 2, 2014

Foodie Wedding Favor Idea

Spice Blend Wedding Favor
I love weddings - planning, sewing, decorating, attending, singing, playing piano, etc. - so I was really excited to attend the 1920's themed wedding of some friends. They had fabulously simple and elegant decorations, which makes me wish I would have remembered to bring my camera. The dresses worked perfectly with the theme as well as complementing every body type (yes, the seamstress in me comes out hardcore when I attend weddings). But the things that I loved most were the little expressions of who the bride and groom are. The groom is a chef so the favors were little packets of a spice blend that the he'd put together. They are simple, unique, and inexpensive. All you need to create these are:
  • jewelry sized ziptop baggies
  • printable labels and a computer to design them on
  • spice blend of your choosing/creation
They had these in little baskets all around the reception for guests to take home. Since we're total foodies, my hubby and I loved it!

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