Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitchen Makeover

The hubby decided to redo the kitchen while I was in the hospital with baby #3. He figured it would be easier to get the kitchen done while our two toddlers were away at Grandpa and Grandma's for the week. I LOVE how it turned out. Take a look for yourself!

Here is our kitchen before the redo. It had dark stained cabinets with copper hardware, butcher block countertops, off-white walls, a busy floral print paneling backsplash, and tanish/peach and cream lanoleum flooring.

Can you see the pair of potholders hanging above the stove amidst the camouflage of the paneling?

This is the door between our kitchen and dining room. It is on a swinging hinge, which would be great if it weren't for the shag carpet in the dining room that keeps the door from swinging smoothly open. It was constantly getting stuck and then required some good pushing to get it unstuck. (I don't have any pics of it yet, but the door was removed during the makeover!)

Here is a picture of the final paint job. I am still in the midst of putting everything back in its proper place, but love how bright the kitchen looks now. We used a semi-gloss paint in Bermuda Sand on the cabinets. My husband cleaned and polished all of the hardware so the copper looks nice and shiny. The walls were done in satin finish, Montpelier Wedgewood was the color.

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