Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 19 Menu (August 23-29)

I know I'm posting this after the fact, but figured that it might be helpful. Being I was still recouping from the birth of #3, meals may be more quick fix items for a little while.
  • Sunday - We went out for lunch with some friends from church.
  • Monday - Our neighbor brought dinner over for us - Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes, and a veggie casserole.
  • Tuesday - Tuscan Chicken Pasta (Grilled chicken, zucchini, onions, peppers, and cherry tomatoes in a light tomato basil sauce with Penne)
  • Wednesday - Chicken sandwiches and french fries
  • Thursday - We had a dinner meeting at church.
  • Friday - Corn Dogs, french fries, and a side salad
  • Saturday - Went to Pizzaville for a late lunch/early supper. We ordered the 14" Pan with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and black olives. I think it was one of the best pizzas that I've had from a restaurant! It was also pretty inexpensive and we had half the pizza leftover.

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