Monday, October 11, 2010

31 Days of Praise: October 10-11

It has been a busy and fun filled weekend, which is why I haven't posted anything until now.

  • October 10 -
    I am thankful for God's provision above and beyond what we need. While I was attending Bible college quite a few years ago, I would hear of these stories where a school bill would be miraculously paid off by an anonymous donation or something very similar to that after the student had prayed for God's provision. I would always pray about God supplying the funds and He always answered my prayer...with more work hours, a new sewing job, etc. 2 years ago we stopped using credit cards completely (trust me, it was not an easy step for me) and started budgeting (something neither my husband or I had ever done). We have been working really hard to pay off our debts as well and have now paid off over $17,000 of it. There have been times where God would allow my husband to get bonuses at work and then others like what happened on Friday. Yes, you guessed it, I got another sewing job. I have a very simple FREE website for my sewing business, Sew Me Creations, and also a few FREE listings on wedding planning sites and web directories. With all of these being freebies, I don't generally get a lot of business from them. With that said, I received a phone call on Friday from a lady who lives over an hour away who was in need of a seamstress but couldn't find anyone in her price range close by (most were between 2 and 3 times higher than her budget allowed). She asked if I could send her an estimate and said she would call me back after she'd looked it over. I sat down, looked at the photographs she'd sent and wrote up an estimate, which was much higher than I thought she would be interested in paying but to my surprise she called back almost begging me to work on her dress. Over the last month, I have received a minimum of one sewing job a week. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
  • October 11 -
    I am thankful for the wonderful family that God gave to my husband and now to me. I'm pretty confident that I have the world's best set of in-laws a person could have. Many times I know that I take them for granted but was reminded today of how great they really are.

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