Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Top 5 Pancake Recipes

Are you looking for something to make for breakfast? Something that is versatile, quick, and simple to make? A recipe that you can mass produce and then pop into the freezer for consumption later? If you answered, "Yes," to any or all of those questions then this might be the post for you, and pancakes might just be the answer.
Our family LOVES pancakes. We'll eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack time, supper, or even dessert. Because of our great love of pancakes, I've come up with several recipes. With that in mind, I decided to put links to them all in one spot. Enjoy!
  1. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes
  2. Cinnamon 'n' Brown Sugar Oatmeal [Raisin] Pancakes
  3. Peanut Butter Banana [Chocolate Chip] Pancakes
  4. Carrot Cake Pancakes
  5. Banana Pancakes
One tip - if you have the option, do NOT substitute milk + vinegar (or lemon juice) for buttermilk, just go get the real thing from the store. I used to substitute all the time until I actually tried my recipes with real buttermilk. Now I can only sub in cases of dire emergency. Trust me on this, and if you don't believe me then you need to have a chat with Alton Brown on the subject.

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