Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 47 Menu (March 7-13)

I am only 5 weeks away from having a menu for every week of a year (at least a digital copy of my menus). I have very much enjoyed my blogging. It's been a stress-reliever and diversion from the craziness of life with 3 small children and hubby finishing college. Jared will graduate with his Associates degree on June 6th, only 12 weeks of classes to go! :o)

Back to the subject at hand, the weekly menu:
  • We spent the weekend at my parents' and my sister made Sunday dinner, which was delicious - roast chicken (2 whole roasters marinaded in Italian dressing overnight, then seasoned with pepper, salt, and paprika right before roasting), stuffing, roast sweet and Idaho potatoes, green beans, fresh-made dinner rolls, and a delicious chocolate cake!
  • Corndogs, carrot sticks, and potato wedges
  • Pork Chimichangas & Guacamole (I will be using my Beef and Bean Chimichanga recipe and just substituting the leftover pulled pork for the ground beef) - didn't get a chance to make this last weekend as we ended up going out of town.
  • Spaghetti, side salad, and French bread
  • "Dreaming of a White Christmas" soup (I'm adding some veggies to the soup) OR cream of chicken and rice soup, and crescent rolls

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