Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Menu 2013: March 4-31

We're painting, cleaning, and packing, because we're moving. Anyone who has gone through moving (with 4 small kids under foot) will understand what I am going through this month. We've been working diligently to finish up some projects here to get the house ready to list. All but three rooms have been freshly painted or touched-up, and I even refinished our bathtub. Speaking of which, I'll have to do a product review on here as I was just amazed by how well it turned out for being as inexpensive as it was to do.

Unfortunately, we have had a couple of setbacks on prepping the house for sale so we didn't get to celebrate listing the house last weekend as we'd originally planned. We discovered that the basement footings are cracked in one corner of the house and it will need to be fixed before we list the house. After getting some estimates we found out that the work will have to be done from the outside of the house, which means we have to wait for the ground to thaw in order to fix the basement. Well, at this very moment we are getting dumped on by snow, again. Sigh...sometimes it is hard to remember that the Lord knows exactly what is going on. I often wonder if He is working things so that only He can get the praise.

I am trying to use up a few things from my freezer and pantry this month so that we have less to take with us when we move (and then I have less shopping to do). I am also trying to keep the meals simple and easy, which can be difficult when you're trying to keep them healthy as well. I'm sure there will be more days this month than usual where we'll be eating leftovers or grabbing a bite while out and about.

March 4-10
March 11-17
  • Salsa Chicken, rice, and black beans
  • Breakfast for supper - Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll with fresh fruit and American fries
  • Chicken Pot Pie (I made two last month and froze the second one)
  • My dear friend, Sarah, is helping me plan (and host) an adults-only formal dinner party as a going away gift of sorts. We will greatly miss all of our friends here and are looking forward to the break in painting, packing, and cleaning. Here is a full menu post so you can see what delicacies we are planning to create.
March 18-24 - We're moving, AHHHHHHH! ;)
March 25-31 - Wishing you a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

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