Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu: August 22-28

This week is going to be pretty busy, which sometimes lends itself to quick meals that aren't always healthy or even dining out. :o( I am still going to try to keep up with the healthy cooking so here's the menu for the week.
  • Chicken BLT wraps - I used a simple salt, pepper and McCormmick's Grill Mates Garlic Herb seasoning on the chicken. I substituted turkey bacon for regular bacon and then seasoned it with black pepper before baking it. 
  • Monday we had a calendar planning meeting at church and dinner was provided.
  • For lack of a better name - Garden Veggie Stew over Rice - I will be making a stew/casserole of sorts using zucchini, summer squash, peppers, onions, tomatoes, beef stock, seasoning, and ground turkey. Then I will serve it over rice.
  • Wednesday we'll be having dinner at MIL & FIL's house as usual. I always look forward to this. :o)
  • Eggplant Parmesan with a twist - I love eggplant Parmesan and the eggplant in my garden is ready to be picked, but it is higher in calorie. So I'm going to attempt to bake the eggplant vs. frying it, and I'm going to try replacing some to all of the Parmesan with feta.
  • Still working on Friday's meal...
  • We are having a birthday party for little Meli later on Saturday and these are my options (I won't use all of them, but it's nice to have stuff on hand no matter what I decide to do):
    • Grilled chicken and pork loin (both are pretty low in calorie but big on flavor)
    • Fruit Salad
    • Pasta Salad (spiral pasta, black olives, peppers, onions, tomatoes, Italian dressing and feta)
    • Relish Tray or Cucumber Salad (I will post the recipe soon)
    • Mac'n'Cheese or Baked Zucchini
    • Crackers, cheese, and tomato relish
    • Cake (I may use different fondant and buttercream recipes this time) and Ice Cream

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