Sunday, September 8, 2013

Donate your Hair and get up to $30 back

I decided not to chop my hair to it's usual bob last fall. The last time I grew my hair out was right before my wedding in 2004. I kept my hair long most of my youth and didn't cut it shorter than mid-back until the summer before my freshman year of college. I kept it a little longer than my shoulder until my honeymoon when Jared took me to get it cut into a short bob. That's how I kept it till now. When I realized how quickly my hair was growing I thought, "You know, maybe I should grow it out for a good cause and donate." I've known several cancer victims and survivors, a friend's mom, another friend's sister, an aunt, an uncle, etc. so it wasn't a hard decision to make. Now, deciding who to donate it to was a difficult decision for me to make and I ended up deciding on Pantene Beautiful Lengths (check out their blog). They provide wigs for free to women suffering with cancer. When I saw that Pantene is giving $30 rebates to people who donate between 9/1/13-10/31/13 I just had to let you know. My hair might not be long enough to participate during the promo but I want to encourage you to do it.
Check this post out on My Milwaukee Mommy for more info - My Milwaukee Mommy - Extreme Couponing Milwaukee: Donate your Hair and get up to $30 back with Pante...: Do you have long hair and are thinking of cutting it? Have you ever considered donating your hair? Did you know that Pantene also accepts...

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