Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 12 Menu (July 5-11)

For starters, I ended up switching a couple of items on this week's menu with those of the previous week, but I will note where I made changes.
  • Sunday - We have a big church dinner/picnic in celebration of Independence Day so I don't have to do any cooking, I just have to bring along some fresh fruit.
  • Monday - Hawaiian Wraps (spinach, ham, swiss, pineapple, and mayo sauce wrapped in garden veggie tortillas, Chips & Salsa (I switched and made this on Thursday last week, so I'll be having the chicken salad sandwiches instead)
  • Tuesday - Crockpot Chicken-n-Rice (I ended up making the Meatloaf, etc. that was scheduled for Thursday)
  • Wednesday - Leftovers (Bought some cheap pizzas from P-n-S instead)
  • Thursday - Meatloaf, Potatoes, Veggie, and Dinner Rolls (I was actually craving tacos, which doesn't happen very often, so I decided to make tacos instead as I had scheduled tacos for next week Monday)
  • Friday - Waffles with Sour Cream and Fruit Syrup (the hubby surprised me with date night, he figured it might be the last one before baby #3 comes)
  • Saturday - Calzones (had some friends invite us over for a picnic, so I made up some boxed pasta salad mix to take with us instead)

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