Monday, August 6, 2012

Menu: July 30-September 2

It's been just another crazy week, especially for not having anything really on the calendar. I guess better late than never. :o)
Here I go, another attempt at a monthly menu. I'm trying to save as much moola this month as possible since we will be remodeling our bathroom, which I'm very excited about. I'm trying to plan simple, healthy, and inexpensive meals so this should be interesting... I'm going to be following a new format this time around, each week will feature different types of food i.e. Tex-Mex, Salad (lettuce or pasta), "Italian", Comfort Food, and Soup or Sandwich. We usually have one leftovers night and one out-to-eat night.

July 30-August 5
  • Tex-Mex - Tacos with black beans and rice
  • Salad - Grilled chicken salad bar and fruit salad
  • Out-to-Eat Night
  • Soup or Sandwich - Ham and cheese wraps with fruit salad and chips
  • "Comfort food" - Pizza, side salad, fresh fruit and carrot sticks (we had bbq chicken stuffed crust and philly cheesesteak stuffed crust pizzas)
  • "Italian" - Tortellini with pesto, chicken, and veggies
  • Leftovers
August 6-12
  • "Italian" - Bowties with creamy pesto and chicken, carrots, green beans, and french bread 
  • Soup or Sandwich - Sloppy Joes, potato wedges, and fresh fruit (got to get as much in while it's in season) 
  • Tex-Mex - Beef and bean chimichangas (we top our chimis with shredded lettuce and all the usual taco ingredients - guacamole, olives, salsa, sour cream, etc.)
  • Salad - Taco Salad with homemade taco bowls
  • Out-to-Eat Night - planning a double date with some friends
  • "Comfort food" - Red beans and rice
  • Leftovers
August 13-19
  • "Comfort food" - Crockpot Italian Chicken, side salad, and fresh bread
  • Salad - Grilled chicken salad bar and fruit salad
  • Tex-Mex - Tacos
  • Out-to-Eat Night
  • Soup or Sandwich - Sub sandwiches and fresh fruit
  • We've got a family reunion today, which should be lots of fun.
  • "Italian" - Spaghetti, side salad, mixed veggies, and French bread
August 20-26
August 27-September 2
  • Tex-Mex - Cowboy Skillet (at the request of Jared)
  • "Comfort food" - Chicken pot pie (making up a double batch and then freezing one pie for next month)
  • Soup or Sandwich - Chicken enchilada soup
  • Out-to-Eat Night - I'll be heading to a birthday party with the kids while Jared is at the wedding rehearsal.
  • Leftovers  - We have a wedding tonight and Jared is officiating so the kiddos will  most likely be having leftovers with the sitter.
  • Salad - Simple Italian Pasta Salad (rotini, grilled chicken, olives, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, homemade garlic herb dressing, etc.)
  • "Italian" - Calzones and a side salad
Your turn: Do you have a usual pattern for you weekly/monthly menus?
As of late, I have had quite a bit of "menu" writer's block. Let me know if you have any recipes that might help. :o)

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