Thursday, July 22, 2010

Menu: July 18-24

I know this is incredibly late coming out, but you could use some of these for planning your menus next week.
  • Sunday was our church's Sunday School Fair so we ate lunch there.
  • Monday - we had waffles with homemade triple berry syrup and egg bake.
  • Tuesday - we were bad and did drivethru because we were running late for our family photo session.
  • Wednesday - my MIL made a delicious tex-mex chicken and rice casserole (chicken, rice, salsa, etc.) with a side salad. See her comment below for the recipe.
  • Thursday - tonight we are having Chicken BLT wraps and cucumber sticks. The cukes and tomato came out of my garden, YUMMY! I LOVE the fresh veggies from my garden and thoroughly missed them last year. If it weren't for my in-laws giving me extra veggies from their garden last year, I think I would have gone into some serious withdrawal!
  • Friday - some friends invited us over for a cookout. I will be bringing a fresh fruit/melon salad (blueberries, red grapes, apples, and 2 kinds of melon) and dessert. I really want to try doing a new kind of cheesecake, maybe some kind of a fruit and chocolate swirled cheesecake similar to this one on allrecipes.
  • Saturday - I'm thinking that tacos sound really good. Or maybe even a nice big Chef's Salad. Still deciding, whichever one I choose not to do will go on the menu next week.*
*Ended up grilling for the in-laws - Sirloin steaks with spicy avocado sauce and sautéed mushrooms-n-onions, side salad, bbq beans, carrot sticks, and blueberry mango ice cream

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  1. I used what I had in the house. Surprisingly it turned out really good! I am not usually this talented, or at least never have the confidence to "go for it" ;) here goes!

    4 skinless boneless chicken breasts.
    onions and garlic to taste
    Salt and pepper to taste
    1 1/3 cups or so of minute rice,then cooked.
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    About 4-5 cups shredded cheese ( never too much cheese :) ) I had some mex blend and some cheddar.
    Salsa...I used about 1 1/2 cups.
    Sour cream,black olives tortilla chips to top. Whatever you like. I had what I had :).

    I threw chicken breasts in slow cooker with onions and garlic,salt and pepper, on high for a few hours, until done and could shred.
    Added soups to the cooked rice.
    I put some of rice mixture in bottom of 9x13 dish, then some shredded chicken and then some of the salsa and approx.,2 or so cups of cheese.Repeated, ending with the cheese ( 2-3 cups)
    Baked @ 350 for about 1/2 hour . Until cheese was melted and bubbly.
    I had sour cream,black olives,leftover salsa and tortilla chips ( to crumble on top if you wished), to top as desired. Of course you can add what you like :)