Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Menu: November 5-December 2, 2012

We all got nasty head colds last week due to the weather change so I am behind on many things including this month's menus and a few recipes. We have lots going on during the month of November - Jared's birthday, deer hunting, Thanksgiving, and preparations for Christmas (cards, letters, and gifts). I will be back to a regular meal routine for the most part this month (comfort, Tex-Mex, soup or sandwich, grilled or crockpot, Italian)

Week of November 5-11
Week of November 12-18
Happy 34th Birthday to my wonderful hubby, Jared! Also, happy hunting to all on opening day.
Week of November 19-25
Happy Thanksgiving! We spend every other Thanksgiving with my family (the off year we all get together for Christmas). One of my sisters is in charge of organizing the menu for our time at my parents' and we each pick foods to bring based on her lists. I am in charge of the Turkey again the Thanksgiving, which I enjoy, but we don't have the rest of the menus together so I will post those as soon as I hear from her. :o)
  • Italian - "Spinach dip" stuffed shells, mixed veggies, and French bread
  • Crockpot - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and rolls
  • Tex-Mex - Quesadillas (black bean and rice, chicken, and cheese)
  • Comfort - Thanksgiving Dinner
    • Turkey... 
  • Soup or sandwich...I am sure one of these two or both will be on my sister's menu as there are MANY turkey something-or-other recipes for these dishes. One of my favorites is Turkey and wild rice soup.
Week of November 26-December 2

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