Saturday, January 4, 2014

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Day 2

I am reading 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life as part of my goals for 2014 and I'm sharing insights from each day's readings. If you want to catch up on my progress, read Day 1.

Day 2:
Developing discipline doesn't happen overnight. It is a process. Crystal reminds everyone that in order for the changes to stick, they need to be gradual. This is something that I've learned with losing weight and now need to implement it in other areas of my life.

Practical Application: Choose one simple thing that I can change today, then follow through with this change for a week. It needs to be just one simple thing. I picked cleaning up my kitchen before going to bed. Being I make a lot of our meals from scratch, I usually have a decent pile of dishes at the end of the day. I have always struggled with just doing them instead of sitting and relaxing after dinner. Then I wake up to a dirty kitchen in the morning putting me behind before I've even gotten started with my day. I will say that I have gone to bed with a clean kitchen for the last 4 nights, which I think might just be a record, and I like it. I've also started having one of my older kids help at least once a week. :)

Mega Project Progress: I was able to get 3 more mending projects done, and I threw away 3 projects that, upon further inspection, were beyond repair. My hubby is happy that some of my clutter is starting to disappear. :)

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