Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

As I look out the window at the freshly fallen snow I am reminded even more that today marks a new year, and a fresh start with a new set of goals. I didn't hit last years goals but I am one step closer to where I wanted to be by setting them. So here goes, my overall goal for 2014 is to become more self-disciplined. Working at that one goal will get me closer to accomplishing these more specific goals:
Wellness Goals -
  • Get into a regular workout routine again (I started today by shoveling for a solid 30 minutes).
  • Replace my bad snacks with good ones.
  • Manage my calorie intake better.
  • Eat healthier by staying conscious of what I am eating (I tend to eat mindlessly when I'm busy).
Financial Goals -
  • Continue preparing a monthly budget and stick to it.
  • Save half of our 3-6 month emergency fund.
  • Replace my hubby's car, which is on it's last leg, using cash.
Household Goals -
  • Get. Rid. Of. Stuff. That I really don't need. Yes, I am a pack rat. Contrary to my husband's thoughts, I am not a hoarder. :)
  • Get organized. With limited space, I need to find places for everything to go and if I don't have room for it I need to evaluate whether or not I need it.
  • Develop a cleaning routine. No, I don't mean that I need to go hardcore on cleaning but I should point out that I REALLY dislike cleaning so I leave it until it becomes a stress on myself (and my hubby).
Personal Enrichment Goals -
  • Reading goals: 
    • Finish reading the Bible since I made it halfway through in 2013.
    • Read at least 6 books. 
  • Sew for enjoyment more - I already know that I will be sewing for a wedding this spring, but I'd like to make at least one new thing for each person in my house this year.
  • Learn something new, or brush up on something old. I haven't decided yet what that thing will be yet but I would like to learn how to quilt or maybe get better at knitting and crocheting. Who knows, maybe I'll even try something totally outside the box and work at drawing (FYI, even my stick figures are bad).

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